Get to Know Halsey Beshears

Secretary, Hasley Beshears

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Secretary Halsey Beshears is a successful farmer, entrepreneur, business owner and public servant who represented the Seventh District of the Florida House of Representatives from 2013- 2019.

As a Member of the Florida House of Representatives, Secretary Beshears fought to improve Florida’s business climate by streamlining government involvement, lowering taxes and increasing transparency. Secretary Beshears sponsored and passed legislation in policy areas including the federal single-subject amendment, building construction, transportation, and public records in public agency contracts.

During his tenure, he served as Chair of the Business and Professional subcommittee and the Careers and Competition subcommittee, as well as Vice-Chair of the Energy & Utilities subcommittee.

Prior to serving as state lawmaker, Sec. Beshears pioneered several successful small business ventures that are still thriving today. He is the current owner of 850 Investments and Management and 904 Investments of Duval County.

Early in his career, Sec. Beshears served as President of Total Landscape Supply where he played an instrumental role in the day to day operations of the two-million-dollar small business. He also served as Chief Financial Officer at Simpson Nurseries.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Science from Florida State University and a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida.

Beshears is a long time road bicycling devotee who logs more than 100 miles per week on the hills of Florida’s Big Bend. He’s the proud father of three daughters, Grace, Caroline, and Suzanne.