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This page provides helpful information and examples about the types of services that must be

performed by a DBPR-licensed individual or business

What services require a State of Florida license?


A license or permit is required for any business or person to manufacture, import, export, store, distribute or sell alcoholic beverages or tobacco.  This includes bottle club establishments that operate for a profit wherein patrons consume alcoholic beverages which are brought onto the premises and are not sold or supplied to the patrons by the establishment.  In addition, wine and spirits salespersons must be licensed.

Alcoholic beverages are defined as any distilled spirit and all beverages containing one-half of one percent or more alcohol by volume.

A permit is required for any business or person to engage in business as a manufacturer, importer, exporter, distributing agent, or wholesale dealer of cigarettes; for distributors, makers, manufacturers or fabricators of other tobacco products within the state and for distributors of cigars within the state.


Needs a DBPR License Does not need a DBPR License

Manufacturers/distillers, rectifiers or blenders of spirits

Makers of beer or wine for personal or family consumption which is not for sale and is within the amounts provided by 562.165, Florida Statutes

Manufactures/brewers of malt beverages

Other tobacco product manufacturers and importers not located within the state

Manufacturers of wines


Importers or Exporters of alcoholic beverages


Distributors of alcoholic beverages


Vendors of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or tobacco products


Commercial bottle clubs


Wine and Spirits Brokers or sales agents

Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters, Distributing Agents and Wholesale Dealers of cigarettes  

Wholesale dealers of other tobacco products

Makers, Manufactures or Fabricators of other tobacco products within the state  


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