Welcome to AB&T's EDS System

What is EDS? EDS stands for Electronic Data Submission. Unlike submitting paper forms, the EDS system allows submittal of monthly reports electronically. EDS allows for a more cost efficient and accurate method of filing monthly reports

Please read this notice on EDS regarding a system upgrade beginning August 28,2017

Submitting Monthly Reports

There are two methods of electronically filing your monthly reports:

  1. Web-based Reporting: You may file your monthly reports via a user-friendly web interface. This method is recommended for small to large size filers. If you have several hundred to a thousand or more lines of report detail, you may consider reporting using the new upload templates within most of the web reports.
  2. Batch Upload (FTP) Reporting: Recommended for large filers, this method requires your data center or IT person to create a flat file and upload it to our servers via File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

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