Florida Statutes

Florida Statutes
Tax on Tobacco ProductsChapter 210
 Part 1 – Tax on Cigarettes Chapter 210.01-210.22
 Part 2 – Tax On Products Other Than Cigarettes or Cigars Chapter 210.25-210.75
 Beverage Law: Administration Chapter 561
 Beverage Law: Enforcement Chapter 562
 Beer Chapter 563
 Wine Chapter 564
 Liquor Chapter 565
 Local Option Elections Chapter 567
 Intoxicating Liquors in Counties Where Prohibited Chapter 568
 Tobacco Products Permit Chapter 569
 Department/Division Section 20.165
 Unauthorized possession of, and other unlawful acts in relation to, driver’s license or identification card Section 322.212
 Indoor Air: Tobacco Smoke Chapter 386 Part II
 False swearing on application; penalties Section 559.791
 Liability for injury or damage resulting from intoxication Section 768.125
 Identification card or document purporting to contain applicant’s age or date of birth; penalties for failure to comply with requirements for sale or issuance Section 877.18
 Florida Administrative Code
 Definitions Chapter 61A-1
 General Chapter 61A-2
 Vendors and Licensees Chapter 61A-3
 Manufacturers and Distributors Chapter 61A-4
 Applications, Forms, and Requirements Chapter 61A-5
 Florida Clean Indoor Air Act
and Stand-alone Bar Smoking Designations
 Chapter 61A-7
 Cigarette and Tobacco Products Division Rules Chapter 61A-10
 Florida Excise Tax Rates

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