Are you interested in becoming a Board, Council or Commission Member?

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation supports the Governor in meeting his obligation to appoint qualified, representative and appropriate people to the important leadership roles within the department’s Professional Boards, Council and Commissions. Members are appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate.

If you are interested in serving on a Board, Council or Commission, please contact the Governor’s Appointment’s Office for more information and to complete the “Questionnaire for Gubernatorial Appointments” application form. Please note that some boards have very specific licensing requirements or other conditions for membership. When completing the “Questionnaire for Gubernatorial Appointments” it is helpful for you to indicate the board position in which you are interested, along with your specific qualifications for that position.

For a list of appointment opportunities within the Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Professional Boards, Council and Commissions – including information regarding membership requirements, estimated time and travel commitments and a list of current members – please select the specific profession from the list provided below.  Because there are many factors related to the application, selection and appointment process, the available position information indicated below may change without notice.  Please contact the Governor’s Appointment’s Office for specific up-to-date information regarding appointment opportunities.

Unless otherwise indicated, Florida law prohibits board members from holding more than one public office and provides that no officer, director, or administrator of a Florida state, county, or regional professional association, may serve on a board that governs that profession.

Last updated 02/02/2021

Board / Council / Commission Available Positions
Board of Accountancy No available positions.
Board of Architecture and Interior Design 3 Architects.
2 Interior Designers.
1 Consumer Member.
Board of Auctioneers 1 Auctioneer.
1 Consumer Member.
Barbers’ Board 2 Barbers.
1 Consumer Member.
Florida State Boxing Commission 1 Commissioner.
Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board 2 Building Code Administrators.
2 Building Code Inspectors.
1 Plans Examiner.
1 Representative of a City or Charter County.
1 Consumer Member.
Florida Building Commission 2 Building Officials.
1 Architect.
1 Roofing or Sheet Metal Contractor.
1 Swimming Pool Contractor.
1 member who is a representative of people with disabilities.
1 member who represents building owners.
1 member who represents the insurance industry.
Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers 5 CAMs.
2 Consumer Members.
Construction Industry Licensing Board 2 General Contractors.
1 Building or Residential Contractor.
1 Air Conditioning Contractor.
1 Building Official.
1 Consumer Member.
Board of Cosmetology 5 Cosmetologists.
2 Consumer Members.
Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board 6 Electrical Contractors.
1 Alarm System I Contractor.
2 Consumer Members.
Board of Employee Leasing Companies 5 Industry Members.
2 Consumer Members.
Board of Professional Geologists 2 Professional Geologists.
2 Consumer Members.
Board of Landscape Architecture 3 Registered Landscape Architects.
2 Consumer Members.
Board of Pilot Commissioners 2 State Pilots.
3 Consumer Members.
Florida Real Estate Commission No available positions.
Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board 1 AMC Member.
2 Consumer members.
Board of Veterinary Medicine 3 Veterinarians.
1 Consumer Member.

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