REMINDER for CPE renewal:
For licensees with a re-establishment period ending June 30, 2020, the following changes in the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements for renewals went into effect July 1, 2019. The CPE required for renewal is 80 hours with 8 in accounting and auditing, 4 in board-approved ethics, and no more than 20 in behavioral. For more details click the following link: House Bill 977.


  1. License Renewals
  2. CPE Audit
  3. Continuing Education Credits
  4. Reactivation or Reinstatement Reporting


License Renewals

Licensees are required to complete CPE but currently are not required to report their CPE in conjunction with their license renewal.

CPE Audit

If selected for the CPE audit, a licensee must respond to the Bureau of Education and Testing within 21 days of receiving the audit notification letter by providing proof of completion of the continuing education requirements. There are three ways for a licensee to respond to the audit, which are detailed in the section labeled:  ANNUAL CPE AUDIT.

Continuing Education Credits

Continuing education courses are credited in increments of not less than one-half hour, equivalent to the actual number of contact hours. Contact hours are (hours in the classroom which must include at least fifty minutes of continuous participation per contact hour or twenty-five minutes per contact half-hour). In order for a licensee to receive continuing education credit, they must receive an outline (defined as a schedule of activity listing major topics of discussion) prepared in advance and retained; the course is at least one contact hour or half-hour in length; a qualified instructor, lecturer or discussion leader conducts the course; and a record of registration and attendance is maintained.

Form for Reporting CE in Conjunction with Reactivation or Reinstatement of a License

An application to reactivate a delinquent or inactive license currently requires 120 total hours of continuing education to include:

  • 30 hours in accounting and auditing and
  • eight (8) hours in board-approved ethics and
  • no more than 30 hours can be in behavioral subjects

In response to an application to reinstate a license, the Board may require additional continuing education hours.

In conjunction with these applications or requirements by the Board, licensees may use the DBPR Reporting form found at the following link to record their coursework:   CPE Reporting Form.

CPE Tracking System

At the direction of the prior CPA Division Director, NASBA was sending out an email introducing Florida Licensees to the NASBA CPE Audit Service.  This email could be misunderstood to think the CPA Division requires the use of NASBA’s system.  The CPA Division sent this email on March 15 to all Florida licensees clarifying its position on the use of CPE tracking systems.

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