Fire Safety Retrofitting

Condominium and cooperative associations are required to report to the division certain information regarding the membership vote to waive retrofitting requirements for fire sprinkler systems and handrails and guardrails. If the association does not waive retrofitting requirements, it must report the per unit cost of retrofitting to the division. Retrofitting information collected by the division is then reported to the State Fire Marshal on an annual basis.

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Reminder: The deadline to vote for the waiver of retrofitting requirements for condominiums and cooperatives is December 31, 2016, pursuant to sections 718.112(2)(l) and 719.1055(5), Florida Statutes, respectively.
DBPR Form CO 6000-8 Retrofitting Report for Condominiums
DBPR Form CP 6000-1 Retrofitting Report for Cooperatives

For more information on this subject, please review the following laws and administrative rules:

Condominium fire sprinkler retrofitting section:
section 718.112(2)(l), Florida Statutes, and Rule 61B-23.002(3) and (4), Florida Administrative Code.

Condominium handrail and guardrail retrofitting:
section 718.1085, Florida Statutes and Rule 61B-23.002(3) and (4), Florida Administrative Code.

Cooperative fire sprinkler retrofitting:
section 719.1055(5), Florida Statutes, and Rule 61B-78.001, Florida Administrative Code.

Cooperative handrail and guardrail retrofitting :
section 719.1055(6), Florida Statutes, and Rule 61B-78.001, Florida Administrative Code.

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