Jurisdiction Regarding the Condominium & Cooperative Acts

The Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes (division) has authority to enforce the following laws: Chapter 718, Florida Statutes, known as the Condominium Act; and Chapter 719, Florida Statutes, known as the Cooperative Act.

The division also has authority to adopt administrative rules necessary to implement, enforce and interpret these laws. For condominiums, the rules can be found in Chapters 61B-15 through 61B-24, Florida Administrative Code. For cooperatives, the rules can be found in Chapters 61B-75 through 61B-79, Florida Administrative Code. In addition, Chapters 61B-45 and 61B-50, Florida Administrative Code, contain rules relating to arbitration of disputes. Chapter 61B-25 contains rules regarding lists maintained by division for volunteer and paid mediators.

In June of 1998, the division adopted administrative rules to implement its responsibility to ensure compliance with the provisions of Chapters 718 and 719, Florida Statutes. The resolution guidelines specify the action the division will take when accepted complaints are received. The rules provide for different treatment of violations by developers and violations by unit owner controlled associations, designate violations as either major or minor, provide for different methods of complaint resolution, discuss repeat violations and aggravating and mitigating factors, and provide for civil penalties. The resolution guidelines are found in:

  • 61B-20.004 – 61B-20.006 – Resolution Guidelines for Condominium Developers
  • 61B-21.001 – 61B-21.003 – Condominium Resolution Guidelines for Unit Owner Controlled Associations
  • 61B-77.001 – 61B-77.03 – Resolution Guidelines for Cooperative Developers
  • 61B-78.002 – 61B-78.004 – Cooperative Resolution Guidelines for Unit Owner Controlled Associations

In conjunction with the jurisdiction granted to the division by the Condominium and Cooperative Acts, the following are responsibilities that the division has under Chapters 718 and 719, Florida Statutes:

  • Each condominium and cooperative association is required to pay annual fees to the division based on the number of residential condominium or cooperative units in the association. This fee is currently $4 per unit and is due by January 1 of each year.
  • The division provides training programs for condominium and cooperative association board members and unit owners and approves private education programs and educational curriculums for board member certification.
  • Condominium and Cooperative board members and unit owners can contact the division toll-free at 800.226.9101.
  • The division has a program to certify both volunteer and paid mediators to provide mediation of condominium and cooperative disputes. Copies of either list are available on this web site or may be obtained by contacting the division.

For information about becoming a Community Association Management continuing education provider please visit the Bureau of Education and Testing website at Approved Testing Providers.

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