Self-inspections for barbershops and salons licensed in March and April 2020

Barbershops and salons licensed in March and April 2020 are scheduled for inspection prior to June 30, 2020. Due to the current operating restrictions implemented as part of the safeguard for controlling the spread of COVID-19, the Department requests your assistance in completing a self-inspection of these newly licensed establishments. Should you receive a self-inspection request, please complete and return the form to the Department by June 1. Please refer to the Division of Regulation’s FAQ’s on self-inspections for guidance.


The mission of the Inspection Program is to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the consuming public is protected by inspecting every licensed barber, cosmetology and veterinary establishment. To ensure the sanitation and safety requirements for these establishments are adhered to; that those practicing these professions are duly licensed; and to actively seek out unlicensed activity relating to these professions.  We accomplish this through a regulated inspection process by performing the statutorily mandated and complaint-driven inspections of establishments licensed by the Board of Cosmetology, Barbers’ Board, and the Board of Veterinary Medicine.  The Inspection Program operates pursuant to Rules 61G3-10.015, 61G5-20.003, and 61G18-15.005, Florida Administrative Code.

To accomplish the mission, the Program has strategically placed sixteen (16) inspectors throughout the State to efficiently regulate and ensure compliance with all applicable statutes and rules of the inspection professions.  The inspectors name and their geographical areas of responsibility are provided.


Search for Barbershop and Cosmetology salon inspection results for inspections conducted January 2016 to the present by utilizing “Verify A License”.

Inspection type and inspection result definitions..


To report unlicensed activity; call the Department’s Unlicensed Activity Hotline at 1.866.532.1440, Monday–Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (Eastern Time) or e-mail the information to


  • Veterinarian Establishments are charged a fee of $60.00 for each periodic inspection. Any re-inspection of an establishment as a result of deficiencies noted at the time of the periodic inspection shall be $60.00 for each re-inspection. No fee is charged for a pre-inspection of a vet establishment.
  • Barbershops – no inspection fee
  • Cosmetology salons – no inspection fee



Licensee Bill of Rights


  • Know the reason for your inspection
  • Have knowledgeable, helpful, objective and courteous inspectors
  • Have professional inspectors who use safe and minimally disruptive practices in completing your inspection
  • Receive a copy of the completed inspection
  • Question the findings of your inspection
  • Ask for an explanation of the disciplinary process
  • Be efficiently and fairly treated in all dealings with DBPR

Our Commitment

We will diligently work to make Florida and DBPR great places to conduct business every day. In keeping with this purpose, we will treat our licensees as valued customers and partners, invest in our employees, and uphold laws that protect the public and enhance Florida’s competitiveness.

If you have any concerns about your inspection, it is your right to speak directly to our regional manager, John Doe at (123) 456-7890 to address your questions and to receive a timely response. It is illegal to offer or accept gifts or bribes. All incidents may be subject to prosecution.


All barber, cosmetology and veterinary establishments require an inspection to ensure compliance with public health and safety laws upon initial licensure. The Division of Regulation routinely inspects these establishments biennially on a fiscal year basis, unless, in response to complaints.

Download the free DBPR Mobile app from the iTunes or Google Play app stores today to verify licenses and report unlicensed activity with the touch of your finger.

To file a complaint against a regulated professional or profession you may file a complaint online or download a Complaint Form.

As a matter of personal safety, the boards removed addresses from all cosmetology and barber personal licenses.  Please remember that the requirement for the licenses to be laminated and posted at work stations is still in effect.

Need Help?

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