Controlled Substances Reporting

1. Does our company need to register with CSR and submit monthly reports?

2. How do we register with CSR?

3. What substances do we have to report?

4. How do we report, and what format do we use?

5. My company was not aware that we were required to register with CSR and begin reporting. What do we do?

6. Our company is supposed to be registered with CSR and submitting reports. What happens if we do not comply?

7. We experienced errors or failures with our CSR submission in a past month, or inadvertently provided incorrect information. What do we do?

8. My company just obtained one of the permit types affected by CSR, but was in the controlled substance business after July 1, 2011 under another, unaffected license type. Do we need to report those transactions?

9. My company already submits ARCOS data. Can I just report the Florida-specific portions to CSR?

10. My company currently submits ARCOS reports to DEA on a schedule other than monthly. Can I do the same with Florida’s CSR?

11. My company is registered with CSR, but we did not do any controlled substance business in Florida last month. Do I still have to submit a monthly report?

12. I am a doctor, pharmacist or other health care practitioner who prescribes or dispenses controlled substances. Do I need to report to CSR?

13. What is the difference between E-FORCSE and CSR?

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