Exemption Letter For Research, Teaching and Testing

It is illegal for a person to possess prescription drugs, or medical gases, without a valid prescription from a licensed practitioner authorized to prescribe the drug.  Florida law recognizes that there are limited instances where the possession of prescription drugs or medical gases, without a valid prescription is warranted.  The department is authorized to issue letters of exemption to facilitate the lawful possession of prescription drugs and medical gases by certain qualified persons for lawful research, teaching, or testing, and not for resale.

Examples of Qualified Persons:

  • Florida Fish and Wildlife conducting lawful research activities on free-ranging animals within the State of Florida.
  • Florida Law Enforcement Personnel responsible for training K-9 officers
  • Plumbers performing purging or cleaning of copper piping.
  • Universities performing research protocols.
  • Community Colleges for teaching professional programs.

This application form requests information required by the Florida Drug and Cosmetic Act, Chapter 499, Florida Statutes.  Only completed applications signed by the authorized representative of the applicant are processed.  Additional information may be required to complete an application.  Fill out the application in its entirety. Failure to do so may result in delay in the permitting process.

General Requirements:

  • An explanation and summary of the conditions of the lawful research, teaching or testing;
  • The physical and mailing addresses of the establishment where the prescription drug(s) or gases will be stored;
  • The specific prescription drug(s) or gases required for the activity;
  • The name and state permit or license or permit number of the supplier(s) of each prescription drug(s) or gases;
  • The Investigational New Drug application number and cover sheet, if any.

Any questions regarding Exemptions, please contact Stephanie Prine: (p): 850-717-1816 (e): Stephanie.Prine@myfloridalicense.com. 

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