Information for Education Providers and Instructors

Chapter 455, Florida Statutes, requires the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to monitor all continuing education (CE) activities of licensees. Therefore, providers are required to submit student rosters electronically to the department. This initiative ensures 100% compliance through monitoring.

Pursuant to Section 455.2178(1), Florida Statutes, continuing education providers must electronically submit licensee course completion information to the department no later than 30 calendar days thereafter. However, the continuing education provider shall electronically report to the department completion of a licensee’s course within 10 business days beginning on the 30th day before the renewal deadline or prior to the licensee’s expiration date, whichever occurs sooner.

Providers offering education to licensed certified public accountants, architects, interior designers, or veterinarians are not required to electronically report student attendance.


Electronic Reporting by Education Providers

Approved education providers may utilize the DBPR CPE Reporting Tool to electronically report student attendance records. The program is available free of charge and is compatible with most Windows-based computer operating systems.

Providers are not required to use the DBPR CPE Reporting Tool, but must still electronically report student attendance. The Technical Guide for the Reporting Tool provides instructions for developing your own electronic reporting method that meets the department’s requirements.