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The Board of Professional Geologists is responsible for licensing and regulating the practice of professional geology. The board meets regularly to consider applications for licensure, to review disciplinary cases, and to conduct informal hearings relating to licensure and discipline. The board engages in rulemaking to implement the provisions set forth in its statutes and conducts other general business, as necessary.

Traditional Tasks Performed by Florida Professional Geologists

Helpful hints for endorsement applicants

Getting Started In Geology

In general the term “geology” means the science which includes the treatment of the earth and its origin and history, in general; the investigation of the earth’s crust and interior and the solids and fluids, including all surface and underground waters, and gases which compose the earth; the study of the natural agents, forces, and processes which cause changes in the earth; and the utilization of this knowledge of the earth and its solids, fluids, and gases, and their collective properties and processes, for the benefit of humankind.

Professional Geologist

PG – A “professional geologist” means an individual who by reason of their knowledge of geology, soils, mathematics, and the physical and life sciences, acquired by education and practical experience, is capable of practicing or performing, or offers to perform, geological services, including, but not limited to, consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning, and geologic mapping.

Geologist Business

GB – A “geologist business” means a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or other form of business entity engaged in the practice or performance of geology.

The requirements for becoming licensed in Florida are described in the statutes and rules.  Choose a license type to apply.

Geology Business (Certificate of Authorization)

Fee Waiver Applications

Examination Information

Applicants for licensure as a professional geologist are required to take and pass the written examination produced and provided by the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG). For more information, including examination dates and locations, visit the Geology Examinations Information page.

Note: If you have previously applied for your license, you may check your application status.

License Types Continuing Education Requirements Fee Expiration Date
Professional Geologist None $125 7/31/EVEN Year
Geology Business None $350 7/31/EVEN Year
Geologist-In-Training None None Not Renewable

Need Help?

All requests for publications, documents, forms, applications for licenses, permits and other similar certifications can be obtained by contacting the Customer Contact Center.

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