Plan Review

This page contains helpful information about plan review. To apply for a plan review using a paper application, please click this APPLY link.


To begin Florida’s public food service licensing process, the law requires the division to review establishment plans for sanitation and safety concerns. Plan review is required when the establishment is:

  • Newly built,
  • Converted from another use,
  • Remodeled or
  • Re-opened after being closed at least 1 year.

Required plan review forms and instructions are available online at the division’s forms center. Also, see our guidelines for planning your food service operation.

The following application “how-to” guides were developed with step-by-step instructions for submitting your plan review application materials. They contain vital links to all forms and requirements of the process. These guides will help you avoid costly errors during the process that can cause delays or denial of your application.

We review plans in order of acceptance. The plan reviewer will notify you within 30 days as to the status of the review.

Questions about the plan review process can be e-mailed to


If plans do not meet sanitation and safety requirements, the applicant may request a variance from the division’s rules. E-mail plan review at for information regarding the variance request process.

Plan Review Listing

A current listing of all plans submitted for review during the last 18 months is available on our public records page.

Plan review applicants may be eligible to complete the plan review process electronically. This option is available to anyone with the technological ability to submit high-quality plans drawn to scale, including architectural or engineering plans or blueprints. If you are interested in completing the plan review process electronically, please contact the plan review office at

Need Help?

All requests for public records, complaints, forms, and applications for licenses can be obtained by contacting the Customer Contact Center.

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