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Due to HB1193 as of July 1, 2020, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation no longer Regulates Labor Organizations, and thus does not require a license.

Labor Organizations

Labor Organizations

Labor Organizations: Section 447.01, Florida Statutes, gives the Department of Business and Professional Regulation the authority to license and regulate the activities of labor organizations.

Business Agents: Section 447.04, Florida Statutes, provides that every person desiring to act as a business agent in this state must obtain a license by filing an application with the department.

Labor Organization Any organization of employees or local or subdivision thereof, having within its membership residents of the state, whether incorporated or not, organized for the purpose of dealing with employers concerning hours of employment, rate of pay, working conditions, or grievances of any kind relating to employment and recognized as a unit of bargaining by one or more employers doing business in this state. See Chapter 447, Part I, Florida Statutes. Business Agent Any person, without regard to title, who shall, for a pecuniary or financial consideration, act or attempt to act for any labor organization in:  (a) the issuance of membership or authorization cards, work permits, or any other evidence of rights granted or claimed in, or by, a labor organization; or (b) soliciting or receiving from any employer any right or privilege for employees. See Chapter 447, Part I, Florida Statutes

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