Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Ruthanne Christie, Executive Director

The Board of Landscape Architecture is responsible for licensing and regulating landscape architects. The board meets regularly to consider applications for licensure, to review disciplinary cases, and to conduct informal hearings relating to licensure and discipline. The board engages in rulemaking to implement the provisions set forth in its statutes and conducts other general business, as necessary.

Business Information for Consumers

Business Information for Licensees:
To review information regarding qualifying a landscape architect business, please visit the Board’s ‘Qualifying a Business’ FAQs.

Reciprocity and Substantially Equivalent Exams

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Getting Started in Landscape Architecture

Registered Landscape Architect

LA and LC – A “registered landscape architect” means a person who holds a license to practice landscape architecture in this state. A Landscape Architect may perform the following services, including, but not limited to:
•  consultation, investigation, research, planning, and design;
•  preparation of drawings, specifications, contract documents and reports;
•  construction supervision;
•  landscape management, including the use of Xeriscape, to the extent that, the dominant purpose of such services or creative works is the preservation, conservation, enhancement, or determination of proper land uses, natural land features, ground cover and plantings, or naturalistic and aesthetic values;
•  determine the grounds and approaches for and the siting of buildings and structures, outdoor areas, or other improvements;
•  setting of grades;
•  shaping and contouring of land and water forms;
•  determination of drainage and provision for storm drainage and irrigation systems; and
•  the design of such tangible objects (retaining walls, gazebos, fences, etc) and features (waterfalls, ponds, etc).

Landscape design” is often confused with landscape architecture. Landscape design means the consultation for and preparation of planting plans, including specifications and installation details for plant materials, soil amendments, mulches, edging, gravel, and other similar materials. Unlike landscape architecture, landscape design is not a licensed profession that is regulated by the State of Florida.

The term “landscape designer” (unlike the term “landscape architect”) is available to any and all persons who choose to use the term. Use of the term “landscape designer” has no specific state requirement for education, testing, or experience. There are no specific state required professional qualifications, or regulatory restrictions or controls on “landscape designer” performance and conduct. For scope of practice that is allowed by unlicensed individuals (whether they are called “landscape designer” or some other title) please review Chapter 481, Part II, Florida Statutes.

Licensed professionals, including Landscape Architects are issued an identifying license number at time of licensure. A number preceded by “LA” is a license number for an individual landscape architect. A number preceded by “LC” is a number for a licensed business entity that is licensed to practice landscape architecture.

Class Code 001 allows a “landscape architect” (LA) to also trim/prune mangrove trees.

The requirements for becoming licensed in Florida are described in the statutes and rules. Choose a license type to apply.

Examination Information

The Landscape Architect Registration Examination is administered by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registrations Boards (CLARB) three times a year over a two-week period in April, August and December. View the CLARB website for exam dates, deadlines and fees.

Florida Section F is administered in computer-based testing (CBT) format. Click here for a list of testing sites near you.  For more information, please see the Candidate Information Booklet.

Fee Waiver Applications

Landscape Architects

Licenses expire November 30th every odd year.

DBPR will send you a notification that the renewal period is open, at which time you can renew your license(s). This will be 90-120 days before the expiration. All notices will be provided via email. We encourage you to keep your information up-to-date and renew online. DBPR online services offer a quick and easy way to renew your license, find license requirements, apply for a license and update a license.

Before midnight EST on the expiration date, you will need to complete the following requirements to renew your license:

  • Complete the continuing education requirement; and
  • Pay the renewal fee

See the “CE Requirements” tab for further information on Continuing Education to renew your license.

For more information concerning your license’s unique requirements, please click the relevant link below:

We encourage you to renew online. However, you can mail your renewal form and fee to:
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
2601 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0783

Print a Blank Renewal Form

Education Course List

Continuing Education (Advance Code, Laws and Rules, Optional)

You may also use the department’s Find a CE Course tool to locate specific subject areas or course topics.

License Types Continuing Education Requirements Fee Expiration Date
Landscape Architect Starting with the renewal cycle beginning December 1, 2021 licensees will be required to complete 16 hours of continuing education to include 1 hour Florida Building Code Advanced Module and 1 hour Laws and Rules $230 11/30 Odd Year

Need Help?

All requests for publications, documents, forms, applications for licenses, permits and other similar certifications can be obtained by contacting the Customer Contact Center.

Division of Professions
Board of Landscape Architecture
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Telephone: 850.487.1395
Facsimile: 850.488.8040