How to File a Complaint

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation investigates and administratively prosecutes Florida appraisal or real estate licensees who conduct business in violation of state license law.   The power to invoke penalties upon persons violating license laws has been granted to the Department and its Boards by virtue of State law and is described in Chapter 455.227, F.S.  In general, action that can be taken is limited to that person’s license, and includes such things as revocation, suspension, or denial of the renewal of the license, a reprimand, or, a fine for each violation.  Powers NOT given to the Department and its Boards includes such actions as restitution for damages, forcing a licensee to pay monies to another party or forcing persons to correct previous acts.  These matters are civil in nature and should be addressed to a court with appropriate jurisdiction.

Complaints against real estate professionals or unlicensed individuals suspected of performing unlicensed activity may be filed online, or by downloading a Complaint Form and forwarding it to the Division of Real Estate-Complaints by Fax 407.317.7245 or mail, Division of Real Estate-Complaints, 400 West Robinson Street, Suite N801, Orlando, Florida 32801. Legible copies of all relevant documentation should be included with the complaint (i.e. contracts, closing documents, disclosures, front and back of checks).   Sending duplicate copies of complaints could delay processing.  Upon receipt of your complaint, one of our complaint analysts will review your information, and will notify you in writing upon completion of the review.  If the complaint is legally sufficient, meaning it contains facts and supporting documentation indicating that a violation of statute may have occurred, we would then investigate.

If an investigation of any subject is undertaken the department will furnish to the subject or the subject’s attorney a copy of the complaint or document that resulted in the initiation of the investigation.

Once a complaint is received, State Law [Chapter 455.255 (10), F.S.] prohibits this agency from divulging information concerning the complaint or its subsequent Investigation until 10 days after a probable cause determination or until the subject waives his or her right of confidentiality, whichever happens first.  This does not apply to actions against unlicensed persons or unless otherwise provided by law.

Because investigations and legal reviews differ in complexity, duration and priority, no definite time frame can be given as to when the complaint process will be completed for any individual case.

More information can be found on our FAQs PDF.

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