Registration: The Department of Business and Professional Regulation will announce the registration for the 2018 Instructor Seminars after the holidays.  Please check back later to register for the dates and places of upcoming seminars. 2017 Presentations & Handouts

Real estate appraisers may earn five hours of appraiser continuing education credit for attending an entire board meeting, with a maximum of seven hours during a renewal cycle.

FREAB – guidelines and Rule 61J1-4.003

EQUIVALENCY – Equivalency for Prelicensing Education FREAB – Rule 61J1-4.002

Candidate Information Booklet A Candidate Information Booklet is available on the Examination Information page. It contains additional information about the National Appraisers Exams.

Important Information! Effective December 1, 2014, the state of Florida will require a 3-hour Supervisor and Trainee course, that applies to all new or existing applicants for a Trainee registration. This course must comply with the AQB course objectives and outline. You can access the outline at the link below. As of January 1, 2015, any existing Certified Appraiser adding a Trainee, or Certified Appraisers, who currently supervise, but wish to change the composition of existing Trainees, will also be required to complete this course, prior to adding the Trainee or making a change. If you are a Certified Appraiser who does not wish to supervise trainees, or who does not wish to make changes to your existing trainee composition, you are not required to take this course. This is not the same course that was previously required at initial licensing or renewal in previous years, commonly known as the Roles and Responsibilities course. We are encouraging all providers, schools, and instructors to please submit their course materials for this new course that complies with the AQB course outline. This course can be offered as classroom or distance education. If you are a provider that has an existing Supervisor and Trainee course or Roles and Responsibility course, you may submit a new course, amend your current Roles and Responsibilities course, continue to offer the Roles and Responsibilities course as specialty credit, or offer both. The Roles and Responsibilities course will not satisfy the requirement for the new Supervisor and Trainee course. Please click the below link review the new course objectives and outline. Education Forms

Approved education providers may utilize the DBPR CPE Reporting Tool to electronically report student attendance records. The program is available free of charge and is compatible with most Windows-based computer operating systems.

Providers are not required to use the DBPE CPE Reporting Tool, but must still electronically report student attendance. The Technical Guide for the Reporting Tool provides instructions for developing your own electronic reporting method that meets the department’s requirements.

To apply to become an education provider, or to obtain course approval, visit the Apply For/Update Licenses link on the department’s website.

The Bureau of Education & Testing (BET) has set up an email address for the purposes of communicating with Real Estate Schools and Instructors on examination related matters. If you request to be added to our email distribution list, you will receive a monthly email which will include the pass/fail examination information. You may also use this email address to communicate to BET any specific, examination questions or concerns. If would like to be added to our email distribution, please email your request to:


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