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Criminal Convictions

Engaging in the unlicensed practice of a regulated profession is a crime.  The department reports unlicensed activity cases to the proper authority for possible criminal prosecution. and provides a copy of the department's investigative report. The results of certain known criminal convictions are listed below.  This page will be updated periodically.


Jonathan Housch


Orlando Area: Jonathan Housch of A2Z Building Maintenance and Repair portrayed himself as a contractor/electrician and took off with a deposit with no intention of starting the job. Housch pled to engaging in a business of a contractor without being registered or certified, falsely holding himself out as a licensee, and contracting without a license. He was adjudicated guilty, then placed on 11 months/28 days supervised probation and directed to perform 25 hours community service. Also, the unlicensed individual is to pay restitution costs of $3500.00 to his victims as well as fines, prosecution & court costs. The victims were protected from future confrontations with a no-contact order.







Mike Owen Chaffer


Ft Myers Area: In September Mike Owen Chaffer d/b/a ALL AMERICAN ANCHORING & REMODELING, INC. contracted for the installation of acrylic windows in North Port, FL in which he received over $3,000.00 from the homeowner.  DBPR has had prior unlicensed activity cases against Michael O. Chaffee, determined to be the same individual as Mike Owen Chaffer.  Mr. Chaffer advertises to do kitchen remodels, baths, insulated siding and hurricane resistant roofs.  Mr. Chaffer is not licensed as a contractor.  Mr. Chaffer was adjudicated guilty on a felony in the third degree, received felony probation and restitution was ordered.




Joshua Ryan Green


Gainesville Area: Green was found to have illegally performed unlicensed air conditioning repairs to a property owner and charged her $79,000 for the work. He was issued a Cease and Desist and is now incarcerated.



  Nolan Marcus Avery

Nolan Marcus Avery


Gainesville Area: Avery was prosecuted for engaging in multiple air conditioning contracting jobs without ever holding a valid license through the Department. Avery was doing business as "Avery AC" and was found to have assembled at least 14 air conditioning units at a local apartment complex. In August of 2013, he was issued a Cease and Desist by the Department and was later given 80 citations by Marion County.

  J. Evans

John Evans


Jacksonville Area: Evans has numerous victims that are senior citizens where he took money for reroofs and performed no work. He also went to work for a licensee and was writing contracts under his business name and the qualified business and having the customers make checks out to him. He was taking the checks to a check cashing company to cash them. He has been arrested and charged with Exploitation of the elderly, grand theft, and unlicensed contracting.


A.B. A.P. B.G. C.N. E.W H.B. J.P.

Adam Barnhart
Adam Pitt
Blair Goodrow
Christopher Nazario
Harry Bynum
Eric Wieszchowski
James Pastor


Tampa Area: Investigators from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, along with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Financial Services – Insurance Fraud Division conducted a construction sting operation.  This operation focused on roofing, air conditioning and exterior window / door replacement.  These individuals were arrested during the operation.  They were all charged with unlicensed contracting - 489.127 (1)(f), additionally, These individuals were charged with working without Workers’ Compensation coverage - 440.105 (Felony).  They were booked into the Pasco County Jail for the felony Workers’ Compensation violation and misdemeanor Unlicensed Contracting.  One individual was issued a Notice to Appear for Unlicensed Contracting and released at the scene.  In addition, Subject Christopher Nazario was charged with Violation of Probation.  At the time of this current arrest, he was on Felony Probation for Grand Theft.    






Rodney Lane MCGee


Port Charlotte area:During a sting operation, MCGee provided an estimate for Construction and Electrical work. A search of DBPR licensure does not show a license for subject. A Notice to Cease and Desist was issued on 3/20/13.

Subsequently the file was delivered to the SAO who determined based on priors to prosecute. During the 2 day long prosecution and the testimony provided by DBPR Investigator a conviction was obtained for Unlicensed Activities.

  B. Smith

Barry Smith


Complainant contracted with BGS Renovations LLC out of Marion County for a new metal roof for $5,050.00. Complainant paid the whole amount of contract. The complainant’s roof leaked which caused damage to her ceilings and walls.  The complainant will need to have the roof redone.  The subject was arrested on 1/22/2013 for unlicensed contracting. Restitution was order by the judge in the amount of $5,050

  Custer, James Ilin

James Custer


Okaloosa County area: Custer contracted with a homeowner to build a new addition to a home in Okaloosa County for $8,550. He received full payment and abandoned the job half finished. Custer was arrested and recently found guilty of unlicensed contracting. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail, fined approximately $1,000 in fines, fees and court costs. He was placed on probation for 1 year. 





Rex Peters


Southwest Florida: He contracted to build an addition onto a house for $16,991. When the homeowner noticed discrepancies with the work performed and the money paid, Peters abandoned the job. He was recently found guilty of contracting without a license, placed a probation for a year and ordered to pay the homeowner restitution.  


Moises E. Bure


Miami area:  He collected large deposits for roofing work and either never started the work or left it unfinished. He was in prison for other unrelated crimes when convicted for unlicensed contracting. 




Charles H. Carmichael


Panama Beach area:  He collected deposits and did not finish the work.  He was adjudicated guilty of grand theft based on his unlicensed contracting.






Oscar Mendez


Fort Myers area:  He contracted to build or remodel homes.  He collected large deposits and he never started any work. He was recently sentenced to 50 months probation on 5 counts each of organized scheme to defraud and unlicensed contracting after accepting over $15,000 from a couple to build a home and absconding with the money.





Mary Elizabeth Lefebre (aka Mary Elizabeth Adair, Mary Elizabeth Gorcy, and Mary Elizabeth Rogers)


Ormond Beach area:  She contracted for remodeling services and electrical work at two different properties and never did any work. She was subsequently arrested for contracting without a license and found guilty of grand theft and unlicensed contracting.




Wade Longmire


Pensacola area:  He posing as a contractor using the corporate name of Inspection Technology Consulting and the credentials of licensed contractors to get multiple homeowners to hire him to do extensive construction services, collecting thousands of dollars. He started jobs, but did not finish them, leaving the homeowner with bills and unfinished projects. He was recently found guilty of organized fraud stemming from unlicensed contracting during a state of emergency.


Francisco Sanfiel


Miami area:  He posed as a roofing contractor, collecting large deposits and then abandoned the jobs shortly after he started them leaving homeowners with exposed roofs and unpaid bills. Although he was found guilty of grant theft as a result of he unlicensed contracting he is currently out of jail on probation.



Rob. M. Brinker


Tallahassee area: He contracted to build a house, sarted the work and abandoned it, leaving the homeowner with liens from unpaid subcontractors and suppliers. He was arrested and recently found guilty of unlicensed contracting.







Marlon D'Oley


Central Florida:  He contracted to build a home, abandoned the job, leaving it unfinished and the homeowners with liens on their property from subcontractors and suppliers. Multiple victims came forward. He was arrested and recently found guilty of unlawful contracting in Osceola County where he was sentenced to 364 days in the Osceola County jail with the balance of jail time suspended upon completion of one year of supervised probation.  He was ordered to pay fines and costs, serve 50 hours of community service and pay restitution.

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