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January 22, 2010

Dear Friends:

Yesterday, we held an "On the Road to Better Business" meeting in Orlando. These meetings are great ways to hear about what's working and what needs to be improved at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Each customer I met with had great feedback and suggestions we will take back to our senior management team for action.

For example, Barbara Ferencak with The Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal, and Air Conditioning Contractors Association, Inc., took time out of her schedule to sit down and walk me through the difficulty she had in using our online process to apply for an education provider course. As she walked me through the process, she pointed out that if we added an extra hyperlink to cut through the convoluted series of links it would make it much easier and clearer for businesses to get their courses registered. Barbara said that it had taken her many tries and repeated calls to our contact center before she figured out how to navigate to the pages she needed. Barbara's suggestion will lead to an improvement that will keep other education providers from having the same experience.

If I had to choose a "topic of the day" it would be unlicensed electrical contracting. Greg Alesio, an electrical contractor with Wire Right, said that unlicensed activity is rampant in the electrical contracting field in Central Florida and that unlicensed individuals are stealing work from licensees who play by the rules. Greg is trying to keep his business open during the present slow period and asked that we use more internet research to uncover these illegal processes.

Greg pulled up Craigslist.com and showed examples of typical unlicensed activity calls for work. He had a great suggestion to proactively place information on state licensure requirements on Craigslist.com. Greg pointed out that the links to state standards for licensure take one to California's state regulation Web site. We will be working on getting Craigslist to publish Florida standards on their construction trades ad pages. We will continue to focus on these pages as a source of leads for our construction enforcement stings.

Steve Dale and Cecelia Prias with the National Low Voltage Contractors Association also had concerns about unlicensed activity. They expressed concerns about people performing work that normally does not require a license, but then offering additional services that would require an electrical contractor license.

I am grateful to these customers who took the time out of their busy lives to speak with me. By listening to their concerns, enhancements to how we do business are on the way. Hopefully we will see you at our next "On the Road to Better Business!"


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