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January 28, 2011

Dear Friends,

At DBPR, we are continuing to make our licensing process better, faster, and easier. We have long been aware that moving our licensing process to an online environment would provide a better option for licensees, but until recently, a major impediment to moving our entire operation to an online system has been our inability to accept supporting documents electronically. Over the past few weeks, DBPR took the necessary first step in upgrading our online services to fix this problem. We had been working with an outdated system, so the upgrade was very necessary and will, in time, become a huge improvement for our customers. It will help us achieve our mission of licensing efficiently and regulating fairly. It will be a good change.

It is, however, still a change. The upgraded system is new and a little different because it requires each customer to re-create their online profile, using their email address as their new customer ID. After a new profile is created, the system automatically transfers all data associated with the old account (or multiple accounts) into the new profile. In addition to allowing us to expand the number of things we can do electronically, the new system solves a problem that has plagued thousands of people who had licenses with us: it uses a customer's email address as their online ID rather than the randomly generated number in the old system that was very difficult for people to remember.

Many people have found this upgrade process confusing, so last night our staff worked extra hours to update the website with better instructions for the steps necessary to create the new account.

The system will also offer other significant benefits. Users can receive registration confirmation via e-mail and retrieve a forgotten password. You'll be able to get answers to eligibility questions to ensure you are using the correct application, and you'll be able to log in and finish an incomplete application if you weren't able to complete the application when initially applying. You'll be able to check your application status and receive application summaries, and you'll be able to make payments and receive payment summaries.

Take a few minutes when you have time and create your new registration profile or, if you've already created a new profile, log in to the system and learn more about the different benefits it has to offer, like linking licenses to your account and maintaining license relationships. We're here to answer any questions you might have along the way.

We look forward to hearing from you on ways we can improve our customer service, because you are our top priority.


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