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February 12, 2010

Dear Friends:

Recently, I was at the Governor's mansion and a member of the Legislature asked if I had a brother who lived in Pinellas. He shared how impressed he was with my brother's work. My brother works for the Pinellas County School District and was instrumental in developing and acting as the first principal of a magnet school that specializes in preparing teens for professional careers.

Many people go through rigorous training and education in order to prepare for their careers or to operate a business. Often, they must apply to DBPR in order to gain state licensure. We are working toward making this process quick and easy in order to support the work of our career preparation and education systems.

It is critically important that we in state agencies do our best to make sure that our processes and systems do not slow people down on their way toward opening a business or gaining a professional license. By working quickly and efficiently, we help professionals and businesses enter the workforce and contribute to the economy as soon as possible.

We have a multi-faceted approach to streamlining processes and simplifying procedures. One of the ways we're assisting applicants' entry into the various professions under our jurisdiction is through an aggressive application streamlining program called "ezApply." We are going profession by profession and analyzing every form, application, and Web page with the goal of cutting red tape. We ask ourselves whether a question on a form is actually required by law, whether the question is worded so that it makes common sense, and whether we have effective procedures in place to process applications.

For instance, previously there had been a Division of Real Estate form called the "2050 form." This form could be used for a variety of actions, such as a change of address, change of business name, adding or deleting an associate and so on. The problem was that we didn't make it clear that an applicant could only submit one transaction per form. So nearly 35 percent of the forms submitted were erroneous, resulting in multiple deficiency letters. After discussions internally and with members of the Real Estate industry, we created separate forms for each action so that businesses and professionals can easily find the form that relates to what they want to do and submit it. Though we have increased the number of forms, we have actually decreased the confusion and the number of erroneously completed forms. The result is faster processing of these transactions.

This is only one example of the changes that are happening at DBPR. We have a great responsibility to support Florida's businesses and professionals, and through changes, such as "ezApply," we are helping people get to work faster.


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