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February 19, 2010

Dear Friends:

The official start of the 2010 Legislative Session is the first Tuesday in March. Our state legislators are elected by Floridians to provide leadership and make decisions that will shape Florida for years to come. One crucial element is providing for a business-friendly environment, so Florida's economy can thrive.

This year, the Legislature will focus on increased efficiencies and lower costs. There are several bills that will affect DBPR licensees and customers. I'd like to thank our department bill sponsors, Senator Fasano (Senate Bill 1330) and Representative Workman (House Bill 713). I'd like to thank the elevator safety bill sponsors, Senator Bennett (Senate Bill 1172) and Representative Frishe (House Bill 1035).

Our department-wide bill is HB 713/SB 1330. Highlights include:

  • Providing that spouses of active duty members of the armed forces who are assigned to Florida may practice their professions for six months prior to obtaining Florida licensure.
  • Allowing the Florida State Boxing Commission to issue cease and desist notices to unlicensed and unsanctioned fights, also know as "fight clubs."
  • Providing details for the regulation of mold-related services and home inspection services, including grandfathering clauses for those already practicing the profession.
  • Allowing for Web posting of legal notices for a set amount of time for people who have no current address on file, resulting in a cost-savings to the state.
  • Eliminating the requirement for alcoholic beverages and tobacco applicants to submit duplicate applications to both the central and district offices.

The elevator safety bill is HB 1035/SB 1172. This bill will strengthen elevator safety and enforcement by:

  • Providing the Bureau of Elevator Safety with the tools necessary to better protect the safety, health and welfare of the riding public.

I will keep you updated as Legislative Session progresses. I encourage you to track the bills by visiting the Florida Senate and Florida House of Representatives' Web sites. Our Legislators play a key role in shaping Florida's business environment and making Florida a great place to do business.


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