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March 19, 2010

Dear Friends:

On Wednesday, I had the privilege of recognizing some talented students who produced the winning videos in the 2010 "Why Not?" Spring Break Video Contest awards. Prizes sponsors and partners joined me for a press event, where we discussed the importance of finding inventive, cost-free ways to discourage underage drinking. The videos that we received were phenomenal, and it was an honor to recognize such talented individuals. Please watch the winning videos, by clicking here.

The winners of the 2010 DBPR "Why Not?" Video Contest are:

  • Cody Smucker, a student at Ohio State University;
  • Jon Duckworth, a student at Colorado State University;
  • Zach King, Michael McClain, Brandon Segraves and Joe McKay, students at Biola University.
  • Danielle Alvarez, Aubrey Kohler, Cody Appleby and Daren Mahoney, students at Deltona High School; and
  • Hailey Mears, Hilary Mears, Kyla Kott and Stephan Michener, students at Seminole Ridge High School in Loxahatchee.

Fourteen- to 20-year-olds submitted 30-second videos on why they choose not to drink alcohol underage during spring break. The "Why Not?" winning videos were selected by a panel of judges, representing: the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, the Governor's Office of Drug Control, the Department of Education, Florida State University and Tri-Eagle Sales.

I cannot overstate how impressed we were with the quality of the videos and the messages on drinking underage prevention. We awarded each of the five winning videos a $1,000 Best Buy gift cards, which were purchased by: The Florida Retail Federation, The Charmer Sunbelt Group, The Miami Beach Coalition, Tri-Eagle Sales, and The Beer Industry of Florida. Absolutely no taxpayer or licensee money was spent on this campaign. Thank you to our sponsors who made this contest possible.

By partnering with organizations in the liquor industry that share a common goal, we can achieve more than by working alone. This contest harnessed the power of peer-to-peer communication, gave teenagers a challenge to use technology to create an important message, and brought diverse industry partners together. While the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco does arrest underage drinkers, we believe that prevention efforts, like this one, are a priority in stopping underage drinking. And best of all, it was all done at no cost to the taxpayers!


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