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March 21, 2008

Dear Friends,

One of the great pleasures of this job is the opportunity to meet new people and learn about their businesses and professional lives and how our Department interacts with them. We are in a unique position in that Department processes and improvements can make licensees’ lives easier. In these strained economic times, we especially want to find ways to work closer with our business partners by listening intently to their concerns and issues and creating solutions based on this feedback. The ultimate goal of course is to protect the public with as little complication for our licensees as possible.

I had such an opportunity this past week when the Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce invited me to speak at their gathering in Tallahassee. This was very special to me since I make my permanent home in Seminole County, and many of the members are friends and neighbors of mine. As the former Chief of Police in Oviedo, I have had the opportunity to work with many of the Chamber members and know that they are committed to helping businesses thrive while working closely with government to ensure public safety and fair regulation.

I also learned that 75 percent of the Chamber members in Seminole County are small businesses, with 10 or fewer employees, and many are licensed and regulated by the Department. Much of the discussion at the meeting concerned the economy and the effects it is having on our small businesses in Florida. The members recognized that in spite of difficult issues facing us, the nature of Floridians is to fight back and work together to improve conditions and strive for success. I was once again struck with the realization that Florida is so great because of its people.

It reminded me of the time Secretary Holly Benson and I visited the Flora-Bama Lounge in Pensacola. This historic lounge had been devastated by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, and yet the owner’s spirit never died. He was determined to put his business back together again, and he is well on his way to doing that.

On every level, people are collaborating to push through this tough economic time. On Tuesday, Federal Reserve policymakers lowered the interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point in an effort to boost the economy. At the state level, our Department continues to strive to make business processes as streamlined and efficient as possible to get our professionals working as quickly as possible. Locally, Chambers, such as the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations are focusing on their communities and how to best stimulate the economy locally. This wide scale cooperation provides the strength we need to keep Florida flourishing.

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