DBPR Bottom Line: Fast Facts for Florida Business Leaders

March 25, 2011

Dear Friends,

Over the past few years, Florida has been facing incredible economic challenges. Businesses have had to adjust, often going through significant downsizing just to keep their doors open. Whole divisions have closed, jobs have been cut back, and profits have dipped as the companies have worked to figure out how to keep going. More often than not, employees took on more responsibilities as staffs shrunk, and everyone learned how to do much more with less.

State government has experienced a similar situation. We've had to cut back, and the employees who have stayed are often doing the jobs of several people now to cut waste and gain efficiencies. We've learned to become leaner and meaner, more efficient and less cumbersome.

When the economy begins to pick up and we're not in such a dire situation with our state budget, we should look at any expansion or return to the previous staffing levels very carefully. State government doesn't need to grow just because there's money to be spent. We've proved we can also do more with less, and we should keep our standards high and our programs lean. It's what a business would do, and we should too.

Additionally, Governor Scott this week announced his appointment of Ken Lawson as the new Secretary of DBPR. Mr. Lawson is a native Floridian and a Marine and has held numerous positions within the private sector and federal government. Relying on a strong foundation of focus, determination and excellence, we will work to make our new Secretary's transition into the agency successful in every way.


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