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March 28, 2008

Dear Friends,

This week, Realtors from across the state arrived in droves for the Great American Realtor Days at the Capitol on March 25th and 26th. I was fortunate to participate in this event, which drew crowds of more than 1,200. The Florida Association of Realtors (FAR) sponsored and coordinated the Realtor Days, and it was an honor to visit with members of the Association.

FAR President Chuck Bonfiglio was joined by Governor Charlie Crist, Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp, U.S. Senator Mel Martinez, and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink. They discussed real estate trends, including the passage of Amendment 1 and its affect on the real estate market. Governor Crist noted that Florida homeowners should expect property taxes to drop by about $25 billion by 2013.

While enjoying lunch in the Capitol courtyard, I was able to speak with FAR President Chuck Bonfiglio and other members of the Association’s leadership team, as well as the Vice President of Public Policy John Sebree and Legislative Director Trey Goldman. I learned from them that they conducted a survey that showed that Florida Realtors have noticed greater interest from homebuyers since Amendment 1 passed. President Bonfiglio was optimistic that the poll results showed increased activity in the real estate market – in no small part due to the property tax relief and portability provided by Amendment 1.

The most enjoyable part of my afternoon was spending time with the members and staff of FAR. I’m committed to openly communicating with associations, which is necessary to ensure that, together, we’re serving our customers and residents as best we can. I realize that associations are industry gurus who can help us better our practices and serve as a liaison between us and consumers and the public. I look forward to meeting with other associations in the future. Through collaborative efforts and teamwork with industry associations, I believe that we can continue to build Florida’s economy.

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2008 Real Estate Leadership Team

DBPR Interim Secretary Chuck Drago and Division of Real Estate Director Thomas O’Bryant with the 2008 Florida Association of Realtors Leadership Team (left to right) Thomas O’Bryant, Summer Greene (FAR Secretary), Chuck Bonfiglio (FAR President), Chuck Drago, Cynthia Shelton (FAR President-elect) and Bob Hudgens (FAR Treasurer).

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