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April 25, 2008

Dear Friends,

As the licensing body for so many of Florida’s businesses, we come in contact with thousands of people each day. You may come in contact with us through our Customer Contact Center, the mail, community outreach, email or our Web site. We consider you our customer, and we strive to provide you new and useful information that will help your business succeed.

This week, in celebration of the 39th anniversary of Earth Day, the Department launched a new educational Web page, "Business in the Green", to offer you helpful tips and links on energy efficient business. We have consistently been committed to reducing the financial burden of doing business, and we know that energy and fuel costs are a rising part of that burden. Now we’re expanding that mission to help reduce energy costs as well as the environmental impact of doing business.

"Business in the Green" lists helpful tips to become "Green at Home", "Green at Work" and "Green in the Car", in addition to providing links to state and federal organizations, ranging from local governments to the Department of Energy’s incentive and tax credit Web page.

In addition to financial concerns, reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment are our collective responsibility. Last summer, Governor Crist launched the “Serve to Preserve” initiative to help bring Florida into the forefront of environmental consciousness. Here in our DBPR offices, we responded by changing all of the light bulbs to more energy efficient halogens, placing motion sensors on our light switches and replacing some of our fleet of cars with flex-fuel vehicles.

Our goal in creating this Web resource page is to inspire you to do your part in helping to reduce our collective carbon footprint. If all our licensees commit to a few of these energy-saving tips, not only will you save money on utility bills, but you will also help Florida become a leader in the green movement.

Happy Earth Day!

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