DBPR Bottom Line: Fast Facts for Florida Business Leaders

May 20, 2011

Dear Friends,

Recently, I promised to ensure that the Department of Business and Professional Regulation is operating each day in the best interest of its customers and the people of the great state of Florida. Two of our core values are initiative and ownership and I am always happy to celebrate and recognize employees who demonstrate these values in their day-to-day work. This week, I am excited to share some examples of how DBPR's employees are fulfilling these commitments.

First, I am thrilled to report that Cesar Torres, a Senior Tax Audit Administrator for the Division of Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco, will receive the prestigious Governor's Excellence Award. Cesar found that many cruise ships sailing in Florida waters were not filing the proper tax reports and took the initiative to develop a way to solve it. Because of Cesar's efforts, it is estimated that Florida will collect between $1 million and $3 million worth of back tax revenue and between $300,000 and $1 million each year in taxes going forward.

Also, DBPR has received its annual report card from the Department of Financial Services which assesses our preparation of statewide financial statements. I am happy to report that DBPR received a 100 percent compliance score, while the state average score was 93 percent. I'd like to recognize Mary Townsend and Sally Matthews for their stellar attention to detail and analytical review.

These employees exemplify how DBPR is dedicated to saving money and is held accountable for our spending. We are committed to the people of Florida and I look forward to sharing more success stories with you in the weeks to come!


Ken Lawson

Ken Lawson

Department of Business and
Professional Regulation
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