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June 6, 2008

Dear Friends,

Many of you know that a business is only as good as its employees, and this is definitely true for the Department. Our employees are our greatest asset. Maintaining a positive and productive work environment within a business—or agency—can be tough, especially during these difficult economic times when employee morale may be suffering. Here at the Department, we have faced these challenges and have learned just how important effective communication with and shared appreciation for employees is to sustaining outstanding job performance.

Like any business, much of the work done at the Department is behind the scenes and sometimes goes unnoticed by the public and people we serve. The first week of May was Public Service Recognition Week, and I had the opportunity to formally recognize those dedicated employees who go above and beyond the call of duty to serve you, our customer. This was the first time we’d done something this elaborate for employees, and it was a great week.

About six months ago, we renewed our mission statement, which is comprised of the mission, vision and values that we want to cultivate in the Department. Our mission is simple: license efficiently, regulate fairly. We asked that employees commit to the vision, which is to make Florida a great place to do business. We also outlined our values, which are: accountability, innovation, integrity, ownership, responsiveness, respect and teamwork. We asked employees to sign the mission, vision and values, and many were so proud that they posted the documents in their offices. In the following months, we saw employees incorporating the ideals expressed in our mission, vision and values statement into their daily work ethic.

During Public Service Recognition Week, we recognized 24 of our employees who have demonstrated our new values and who have shown us that they care about how the Department treats our customers. These employees were the members of our staff who showed outstanding customer service day after day, who assisted their teammates in solving customer problems, and who proposed innovative ideas and systems that made life easier for people seeking or holding licenses in Florida.

In addition to appreciation, I recognize how important it is to get feedback from employees. Last year, we conducted the Employee Climate Survey to serve as a report card on employee satisfaction. We received the feedback and immediately developed action plans to improve workplace practices. The survey helped senior management recognize our strengths and weaknesses. Next week, we’re launching our second Employee Climate Survey so we can continue to identify and meet our employees’ needs. This business practice has been one of the most useful ones, and I encourage you to poll your employees as well. Listening to employees is an essential first step in running a good business. In subsequent months, we will also be launching a new customer satisfaction survey which we hope will guide us as we plan ways to continue to improve our service to our customers.

We’ve developed a tool so you can thank Department employees who help you. We’ve added a place for customer feedback when you have a good interaction with a Department employee. To compliment an employee from our home page, go to For Consumers>Compliment a Department employee. I hope that you will use this tool and that you, too, will take the time to stop and thank your employees and co-workers.

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2008 Public Service Recognition Awards Ceremony
Employees gather for the 2008 Public Service Recognition Awards Ceremony

Secretary Drago thanks employees
Secretary Drago thanks employees

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