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June 27, 2008

Dear Friends,

As you know, strong internal communication is crucial to the success of a business. Many businesses accomplish this by holding regular meetings; here at the Department, we do the same. The Senior Management team gathers every Tuesday morning to discuss major projects and upcoming events, or to troubleshoot tough issues and find solutions.

Recently, I challenged division directors to meet with one licensee per week to find out from an “insider” how we’re doing. The rules are simple – directors can speak in-person with any type of licensee they choose, regardless of whether they fall within their division. Then, the director must share his or her experience with the group. These conversations provide insight into how we serve our licensees and what we could do better.

Last week, Director of the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering Dave Roberts told his story of meeting with licensees. He visited the new card room at Orange Park Kennel Club (OPKC) and met with Director of Poker Josh Zuckerman and Comptroller Bob Kunh. As they toured the recently opened card room, they discussed the Division’s role in regulating the card room activity and the greyhound racing. The OPKC was appreciative of Department staff for their help through the licensing process and specifically praised the Division’s Chief Inspector, who supervises employees at the facility. Dave also toured the Hamilton Jai Alai and Poker with President and Owner Glenn Richards and General Manager Carlos Pita, where he received similar positive feedback.

The feedback Dave brought back to the Senior Management team was great to hear. We enjoy knowing when our customers are pleased; however, we’re also hoping to hear suggestions. Next week, the Director of the Division of Administration will be sharing his experience with a licensee. If you’re approached by someone and asked how the Department serves you, I encourage you to speak up. It may be your experience that’s shared around a table with Department leaders who are looking for ways to better serve you.

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