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September 18, 2009

Dear Friends:

This past weekend was rewarding both personally and professionally. I had the extreme pleasure of watching my 4-year-old grandson Zach play in his first soccer practice. As many of you parents know, this is one of the great events in a child's life. It is the first opportunity they get to mix-it-up in a structured sports environment where there are rules. Zach didn't always follow the rules, and he played a game that was more like a mixture of soccer and football. However, he had a smile on his face when he started and it never left for the entire practice.

From the professional perspective, I was invited to speak at the Florida Association of Realtors Legislative Strategy Session in Orlando on Sunday. This was a great opportunity for me to talk about the movement I have seen at DBPR and update our licensees on the improvements we hope will make their lives so much easier.

I explained that we are coming to the end of our EZ Apply process which will greatly enhance the applications and forms required for licensing. In addition, I was proud to point out that the call center is breaking records in the time it takes to respond to customers and is keeping our peak call holding time under two minutes. Along the same lines, our application processing time has been reduced from a high of 45 days to less than a week on typical applications.

One member asked me why it takes so long to have continuing education courses approved. I agreed that we need to look at our processes and work with FREC to speed things up. I hope to meet with the commission and offer some suggestions on improving this process.

It was also interesting and beneficial to talk with some of the association members following the meeting. We discussed their perspectives on the recent changes at DBPR, and I received their input for future improvements. In closing, I would like to thank John Sebree, Vice President of Public Policy, and Trey Goldman, Legislative Counsel, for inviting me to the meeting and for always being available to work with us as we continue to make improvements.


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September 23-25, 2009



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