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October 23, 2015

Dear Friends,

Florida has many beautiful buildings and historic houses throughout the state where locals and visitors alike can enjoy the atmosphere of an artfully crafted office building, home, museum or university. Florida’s structures are designed and created by licensed professionals in the architecture and interior design industries. The DBPR Board of Architecture and Interior Design licenses and regulates Florida’s architects and interior designers to help ensure that the major structures we use are as safe for us as they are appealing.

An architect is an individual who offers services in connection with the design and construction of commercial buildings and structures that are primarily where people work and live. Architecture services include providing preliminary study designs, drawings, and specifications for commercial buildings or structures.  Interior design services include providing design consultation, drawings, and specifications relating to nonstructural interior elements of a commercial building or structure. Interior design services also include reflected ceiling plans, space planning, furnishings and the fabrication of nonstructural elements within and surrounding interior spaces of a building.

In order to maintain a license as an architect or interior designer in Florida, applicants must complete continuing education courses to further increase their knowledge and expertise in the field and help ensure safety among consumers. Architects and interior designers are required to complete the appropriate hours of continuing education courses in the health, safety and welfare categories as well as a Florida Building Code advanced course.

Structures must adhere to building code standards and laws to protect the safety of individuals who use them. Safety is one of the top priorities of the architecture and interior design industries. The next time you see a structure with fascinating architecture or design features, make sure to take a moment and appreciate the dedicated professionals who put in years of hard work to deliver the finished product.


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