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November 15, 2013

Dear Friends,

In 2013, the Division of Hotels and Restaurants is celebrating its centennial year. Throughout the past century, the division has made numerous improvements to better serve you. With more than 44,000 licensees throughout Florida, the Division of Hotels and Restaurants is a vital part of DBPR, which is crucial to the citizens and visitors of the state. Never before have we had more positive changes. From internal technological advances to statute changes, the division has exceeded all expectations and continues to do so as the industry implements advancements each year.

This year especially has been one of the best years for the division. From being recognized for decreasing the number of foodborne illness outbreaks by 90 percent within a 15-year period to reducing delinquent elevator accounts since 2005 by 93 percent, the division continually does an outstanding job. I’d also like to mention the department has made it possible for consumers to check inspection reports of food service establishments in Florida. By accessing our website, www.myfloridalicense.com, or downloading our mobile app on your smart phone, you can check inspection reports any time. This technological advancement has been a great benefit to many.

I strongly encourage everyone to celebrate with us this year in congratulating DBPR’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants for 100 years of excellence!


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