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December 10, 2010

Dear Friends:

During the past legislative session, the department was named the state compliance agency for the Seminole Gaming Compact. This is a new role for our agency, and over the past six months, we have been meeting with Seminole Tribe representatives to facilitate the implementation of the terms of the compact.

It is not often in state government that you have the opportunity to structure a new program and forge a new relationship. Working with the tribe to implement the terms of the compact and develop an oversight program has been a unique and rewarding opportunity. Using the law as our guide, we have been able to structure a program that is mutually beneficial to the state and the tribe. This week, I was able to report to the Legislature that so far this year the department has collected $50 million from the tribe to go to state revenue. Over the next five years, we will be collecting a minimum of $1 billion.

Although our oversight role with the tribe is unique, I believe it can serve as a model for our relationships with all the businesses and professionals we license and regulate. With a common objective of removing barriers for business, we can work together to foster new relationships with the mutual understanding that what is good for business is good for Florida.


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