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December 18, 2009

Dear Friends:

Unlicensed activity is a familiar topic to many of you. The department is constantly beating the drum, bringing attention to this practice, which harms consumers and steals work from licensees. This week, the department enhanced the unlicensed activity Web pages.

Consumer education is a crucial component of our efforts. The first step to fighting unlicensed activity is knowing what unlicensed activity is and then reporting known or suspected unlicensed individuals. The new Web pages define unlicensed activity, share how to report it and even link to another helpful page called "What Services Require a DBPR License?"

The Web pages also feature the unlicensed activity media campaign, as well as enforcement and compliance efforts, unlicensed activity in the news and recent convictions. All of the department's efforts are funded by a $5 licensing fee, and we believe that our licensees deserve to see what we are doing to protect their interests and the general public.

Please take the time to peruse these new pages and learn about steps you can take to protect yourselves.


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