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March 7, 2014

Dear friends,

This week, the 2014 Regular Legislative Session began in Florida, and lawmakers have come to our capital city to discuss proposed legislation and vote on matters that affect our state. DBPR has had a number of successes the past few years following session, and we will continue to strive for comparable positive results for our licensees and consumers year after year.

Last Session, Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 795 into law, which enabled the Department to focus its regulatory and compliance efforts on food service establishments that pose a higher risk to the public. This new law has effectively reduced the regulatory burden for food service establishments that have a positive compliance history. Prior to this Bill, the Division of Hotels and Restaurants was required to inspect each of the state’s 48,529 food service facilities twice each year. As a result, the Division now has the discretion to inspect facilities one to four times each year as deemed necessary using the following criteria:

  • The inspection and compliance history of each establishment
  • The type of food and food preparation style of the establishment
  • The type of service provided

During the 2012 Legislative Session, House Bill 887 became law, allowing all initial licensing fees to be waived for military veterans returning from service, provided the veteran applies for licensure within 24 months of being honorably discharged. In addition, House Bill 517 was signed into law to decriminalize minor violations of rules for professional boards while maintaining the Department’s ability to impose administrative remedies.

I am confident that this legislative session will yield yet another successful year for DBPR and our licensees. As always, thank you for allowing us to continue serving you!


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