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June 28 , 2013

Dear Friends,

This coming Monday marks the end of the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year, and I am so proud to report many improvements we have made over the past year to make our business processes more efficient for our customers. This year, we have remained focused on decreasing average license processing times, further streamlining the application process for many professionals and leveraging technology so we are more efficient while performing routine inspections.

First, I am happy to report that as of the end of May, the average time to process a professional application was less than 1.91 days and the 12-month average processing time in our Central Intake Unit was 1.85 days. This is a huge improvement from October 2008 when the average license processing time was more than 41 days.

Additionally, we completed our ApplyNow! Project which revised the applications for 19 professions under DBPR’s jurisdiction. The Project goal was to reduce the number of applications filled out incorrectly so qualified individuals could become licensed faster. Since April 2012 when the revised applications began rolling out, the Department has seen a steady decrease in applications completed incorrectly and an increase in application volume.

We know our work is never done so to further enhance the Division of Professions’ service, we recently launched the CustomerSuccess! initiative. Through CustomerSuccess!, the Department will determine which business processes help make DBPR customers successful, measure the success of those processes and find ways to improve them. Updates on the project will continue throughout this next year.

This year we have also leveraged technology by expanding the use of iPads from Hotel and Restaurant inspections to inspections within our Regulation Division as well. By having technology at our inspectors’ fingertips, we are better equipped to conduct more efficient inspections and process documents faster as we rely less on external communication methods, such as faxing.

I understand that by improving our services, our customers are better able to get to work and focus on their bottom line, and I look forward to reporting even more enhancements to our business processes as the calendar year comes to a close. Thank you for allowing us to continue serving you!


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