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May 15, 2009

Dear Friends,

With the active Legislative Session behind us and one of our major internal projects completed, Secretary Drago is on a well deserved vacation this week. As the Deputy Secretary of Professional Regulation, I appreciate the opportunity to tell you about a great project we've just launched—the Web site application process enhancements.

Two weeks ago, we announced a "sneak peek" of some of the new Web site enhancements and encouraged you to provide feedback. As always, many of you took the time not only to review our changes, but also to give us your opinions and suggestions about how we could make it even better. In addition to asking for your input, we also invited members from professional organizations, boards, licensees, and our own staff to participate in more comprehensive user-testing in our computer training room here in Tallahassee. It was exciting to see the enthusiasm and hear everyone's comments and recommendations – and I want you to know that we listened!

This past Monday, we went live with our new site. The first thing you may notice is that we have changed some of the wording on the buttons located on the top tool bar; most notably changing "Direct to Our Division" to "Doing Business with Us."

Other enhancements include a new "What Services Require a DBPR License?" section that provides helpful information and examples about the types of services that must be performed by a DBPR-licensed individual or business.

The most significant changes are behind the "Apply for a License" button, where we have logically organized licensing information by license type, including detailed requirements, helpful links, and easy access to board or division home pages. All department licensing applications are now available in this one convenient location.

We will continue to review statutes, analyze rules, and evaluate internal policies and procedures in a unified and concerted effort to make it easier for our customers to apply for or renew a license, sit for a required exam or take a continuing education course.

I invite you to join us on this quest by continuing to provide feedback. Please use the feedback link found in our Customer Service Spotlight located on

I am very proud of the dedication and hard work our staff has put into making this first phase a reality. We truly accomplished something amazing with no additional resources or funding.

Thank you for the opportunity to share more about our streamlining project with you.


Maureen C. Olson
Deputy Secretary of Professional Regulation

Department of Business and
Professional Regulation
1940 North Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
Customer Contact Center:

New features on the DBPR Web site

Enhancements to DBPR's Web site were launched this week.



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