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July 2, 2010

Dear Friends:

Governor Charlie Crist, with Executive Order 10-101, created the Gulf Oil Spill Economic Recovery Task Force to help businesses and industries recover from financial losses caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Various state agencies and industry representatives have been brought together to discuss impacts and plan mitigation. This Wednesday, I joined the task force in Pensacola.

Many of the discussions centered on Florida's tourism and seafood industries. Coastal businesses have felt the effects of the oil spill and need assistance. Governor Crist is committed to ensuring that Florida takes every step necessary to prepare for impacts and to offset damages. The main goals of the task force are to:

  1. Coordinate state agencies' efforts to assist affected businesses and industries;
  2. Monitor BP's efforts in providing financial relief to impacted businesses and industries, including but not limited to its claims processes;
  3. Coordinate processes and efforts to gather economic loss data and industry economic indicators;
  4. Ensure through a marketing plan, that the vitality of the business and tourism industries continue to prosper;
  5. Develop a web site to disseminate information and to communicate with businesses and industries.

Here at DBPR, we are considering how we can contribute to the effort. I encourage each of you, both professionally and personally, to think about ways you may be able to help.

In closing, this weekend is the July 4th holiday weekend. I wish you all a happy Independence Day.


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