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June 2, 2017

Dear Friends,

Everyone here at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation knows the perils that Floridians can face if they hire unlicensed contractors and professionals. DBPR is committed to fighting unlicensed activity, and, this week, we are partnering with the Better Business Bureau serving Florida for “ULA Awareness Week,” a week dedicated to educating Florida consumers about unlicensed activity.

In a 2016 report, the Better Business Bureau determined that face-to-face home improvement scams are the riskiest scam for consumers. Hiring an unlicensed professional or contractor can lead to lost money, unfinished work and other potential hazards. DBPR and the BBB urge Floridians to support only licensed professionals in the Sunshine State.

DBPR licenses over 1 million businesses and professions across the state, and you can learn about specific DBPR licensed services here. The Better Business Bureau also offers a licensing resource page to help consumers choose the right professional for the job.

Learn the risks of hiring unlicensed individuals and find other helpful info by reading our ULA FAQ. Unlicensed activity can be reported to DBPR by emailing ULA@myfloridalicense.com, calling the Unlicensed Activity Hotline at (866) 532-1440 or using the DBPR Mobile app. Always verify a license before handing over any money or signing a contract.

Unlicensed work wastes your own funds and takes money out of the pockets of legitimate professionals in the state, so make sure you know who you are hiring.


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