The following rules have been adopted:

Effective 2019 August 29
61D-6.011 Racing Horse Drug and Substance Classification System and Penalty Schedule
Effective 2019 August 01
61D-6.007 Permitted and Prohibited Substances for Racing Greyhounds
61D-6.012 Racing Greyhound Drug and Substance Classification System and Penalty Schedule
Effective 2019 March 10
61D-6.0052 Procedures for Collecting Samples from Racing Greyhounds
Published 2017 December 29
61DER17-2 Notice of Emergency Rule
Effective 2017 December 04
61D-6.0051 Procedures for Collecting Samples from Racing Horses. (This is a new section.)
61D-6.006 Procedures Relating to Split Samples.
Effective 2017 May 30
61D-14.001 General Definitions
61D-14.002 Application Requirements
61D-14.005 Occupational License Requirements for Individual Persons
61D-14.0055 Temporary Slot Machine Occupational License
61D-14.006 Occupational License Application Requirements for Business Entities
61D-14.008 Occupational License Renewal Application
61D-14.012 Change of Position, Place of Work, Name, or Address
61D-14.015 Slot Machine Licensee Organizational Structure
61D-14.016 Operational Requirements
61D-14.018 State Office Space Requirements
61D-14.020 Excluded Persons
61D-14.0211 Server Based Gaming Systems (SBGS) and Server Supported Gaming Systems (SSGS)
61D-14.022 Slot Machine, Slot Machine Component, and Progressive System Requirements
61D-14.024 Logic Compartment
61D-14.028 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Identification (Repealed)
61D-14.032 Progressive System Requirements
61D-14.037 Games with Bonus Features, Multiple Win Lines, Prizes
61D-14.040 Game Cycle, Payment of Credits by Ticket Printer, and Ticket Redemption
61D-14.041 Randomness Requirements and Game Play Auditing
61D-14.046 Facility Based Monitoring System Functionality
61D-14.047 Facility Based Monitoring System and Computer Diagnostics
61D-14.050 Floor Plan
61D-14.051 Security Plan
61D-14.052 Electronic Identification and Access Control System
61D-14.054 Surveillance Equipment
61D-14.059 Slot Machine Licensee Personnel
61D-14.060 Business Entities, Internal Controls and Personnel Records
61D-14.063 Count Rooms
61D-14.065 Procedure for Slot Cash Storage Box Count
61D-14.067 Slot Cashier’s Cage and Change Machines
61D-14.072 Cashier’s Cage, Satellite Cages, Vaults, and Accounting Controls
61D-14.074 Security Requirements, System Access, and Firewalls
61D-14.075 Jackpot Payouts Not Paid Directly From the Slot Machine
61D-14.076 Player Tracking System
61D-14.082 Annual Financial Report
61D-14.0861 Annual Compliance Audit
61D-14.096 Requirement for Shipment of All Slot Machines and Software Components
61D-14.097 Responsibility for Control of Slot Machine or Slot Machine Component Shipment
61D-14.098 Slot Machine Seal
Effective 2017 March 24
Procedures for Collecting Samples from Racing Animals
The full text of this emergency rule is contained in the Notice.
Effective 2016 December 20
61D-4.004 Application for License and Operating Dates
61D-4.005 Annual Notification of Permitholder Ownership Interest
Effective 2016 September 29
61D-2.024 Track General Rules
61D-2.025 Race General Rules
61D-2.027 Performances
Effective 2016 January 10
61D-6.002 General Duties and Responsibilities
61D-6.006 Procedures Relating to Split Samples
61D-6.008 Permitted Medications for Horses
61D-6.009 Veterinarians
61D-6.011 Penalty Guidelines for Class I-V Drug Violations in Horses
61D-6.012 Penalty Guidelines for Class I-V Drug Violations in Greyhounds

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