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Definitions Key

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Sweep:  A sweep is an enforcement operation by the department, often in conjunction with law enforcement, to check the licensure status and credentials of individuals or businesses seen engaging in activities or providing services that require a license.

Sting:  A sting is an enforcement action by the department, often in conjunction with law enforcement, that catches individuals or businesses in the act of offering to perform services or engage in activities that require a license.

Outreach: Efforts by the department to educate the public regarding unlicensed activity.

Citation:  A citation can be issued for engaging in, offering to, or advertising unlicensed activity imposing a fine up to $2,500.

Notice to Cease and Desist:  A notice to cease and desist is issued to a person stating the alleged unlicensed activity, giving the person information about the applicable law, and directing them to cease doing the work without a license.  This is similar to a traffic warning.

Notice of non-compliance: A notice of non-compliance is issued to licensed persons for initial violations that are minor in nature.

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