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Each year, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) executes a media campaign to draw attention to the dangers of unlicensed activity in Florida. Unlicensed activity occurs when an individual who is not licensed represents themselves as a licensed professional or offers services for compensation that require a state license and does not hold the required license.

What Consumers Need to Know

This media campaign is created to help ensure Floridians are informed and educated consumers. DBPR licenses and regulates more than 30 professional license types, as well as various business industries. To learn more about the areas licensed and regulated by DBPR, click here. If you are seeking to obtain the services or do business with any person or organization within those categories, always verify the license first. You can also call the DBPR Customer Contact Center and speak to a representative who can verify a license and provide you with any other information such as violations or other records that are publicly available regarding the professional or business you are seeking to do business with. You can reach the DBPR Customer Contact Center by calling (850) 487-1395.

Unlicensed Activity is Against the Law

If you suspect an individual is operating without the necessary state-issued license, you should report the suspected unlicensed activity to DBPR immediately. You can do so by emailing or calling the DBPR, Division of Regulation. All of the information is available by clicking here.

ULA Media Campaign

The Unlicensed Activity Media Campaign, or ULA Media Campaign, runs each fiscal year beginning July 1 – June 30. This year, the campaign features three messages. First, the overall DBPR campaign, which focuses on the more than 30 professional license types regulated by DBPR, is centered on the theme “Licensed. Tested. Trusted.” This emphasizes that licensed professionals are trained and tested by the state of Florida, which brings integrity to the profession of which the individual represents. Only licensed professionals should be trusted to perform the services regulated by the state. Second, the theme for real estate professionals is “Make your first move the right move. Hire a licensed realtor.” Floridians seeking to buy real estate should always use a licensed professional who is tested by the state and can assist in order to successfully make the right decision on major real estate purchases. Finally, the Certified Public Accountants campaign theme is “Because every business counts” to draw attention to the specific services that only licensed CPAs can provide to businesses and individuals.

What Licensed Professionals Can Do To Spread the Message

If you’re a licensed professional, you too can spread the message to Floridians about the importance of hiring licensed professionals. Encourage your customers to verify your professional license. Explain to your customers the type of education, training and testing you underwent to obtain your state license. By creating more informed customers, you too will benefit from helping Floridians to know the importance of hiring licensed professionals and how to report unlicensed activity.

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