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License Search Help

When performing searches for licenses and license holders, the following will help you find the information for which you are looking.

Searching by Name

You can perform a search either by the name of an Individual or an Organization/Establishment. You cannot perform a search using both the name of an Individual and an Organization/Establishment.

The following are a couple of tips for searching by name:

Searching by License Number 

When searching by License Number, you can search by either the number part of the license number, or you can enter the entire license number, including the letters. If you know the specific License Category and License Type, you can select these from the drop down to limit the search results. Selecting the License Category and License Type is not required.

Searching by License Type or City/County 

You can search for licenses by License Type within a City or County. You must always select a License Category, License Type, and a City/County. This search will always return licenses for the selected type within the city or county.