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  7:59:10 PM 10/21/2021
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Certificate of Competency and Certified Elevator Technician

A Certificate of Competency is a credential that certifies the holder has received training required to perform the duties of a Certified Elevator Technician. You must hold a Florida Certificate of Competency before you can register as a Certified Elevator Technician. Only Certified Elevator Technicians are allowed to construct, install, inspect, maintain or repair elevators, escalators and other vertical conveyances in the State of Florida.

Application Requirements:
  • PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Each certificate of competency applicant must:

    1. Show proof of a Mechanical Engineer license in good standing, OR
    2. Show proof of four years verified work experience constructing, maintaining, servicing and repairing elevators and one of the following, as listed in 399.01(16)(a), Florida Statutes:
    • Successful passage of an approved certificate of competency exam, mechanics exam, or elevator technician exam within 2 years of date of application
    • Completion of a registered elevator mechanics apprenticeship with standards substantially equal to a national training program
    • Licensure by a state or local U.S. jurisdiction with standards equal to or more stringent than Florida


  • PROOF OF GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE: Obtain general liability insurance in a minimum amount of $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence. All elevator companies, elevator inspectors, and independent elevator technicians must have insurance as described above. Proof of insurance must be provided to the bureau with the application.

  • APPLICATION: Obtain and complete the Application Packet for Certificate of Competency and Certified Elevator Technician Registration in Word or Fill-in PDF (also referenced at the bottom of this page). The application packet includes instructions for making application and the following form:

    • DBPR HR-7014 Application for Certificate of Competency and Certified Elevator Technician Registration - Word / Fill-in PDF

  • FEE: Initial and renewal applications for certificate of competency require a check or money order for a $50 license fee.

  • EDUCATION: Each Certificate of Competency, Certified Elevator Technician and Certified Elevator Inspector must complete eight hours of continuing education to be eligible for annual renewal. The continuing education must be completed within the current year and submitted to the bureau. See our website for a list of approved continuing education providers. Use the Back button or arrow to return to this screen.

  • MORE INFO: For more information about the certification process, please see our elevator website. Use the Back button or arrow to return to this screen.

If you have questions or need assistance in completing this application, please call the Customer Contact Center at 850-487-1395.

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Apply Using a Printable Application
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