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  12:41:19 PM 9/17/2021
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Permit-to-Hire (Minors in the Entertainment Industry)

A License (Permit-to-Hire) is required by employers in the Entertainment Industry, as defined in 450.001 F.S., prior to the employment of minors under 18 years of age.

Application Requirements:
  • AGE: Permitting is required of entertainment industry employers who employ minors under 18 years of age.
  • FEE: None.
  • APPLICATION: A completed application must be submitted by an employer prior to employing minors in the entertainment industry. The application can be found in the "Printable Application Package" link at the bottom of the page.
  • FINAL REPORT: Once the production is completed, the employer must submit the outcome of the production in the form of a Final Report.
  • INSTRUCTION: Both the Application and Final Report contain line-by-line instruction to assist with completion.
  • SPECIAL PROVISIONS: Employers who hire minors in the entertainment industry for extended periods of employment, and/or travel away from school and home will also require a separate narrative justification to explain "how the health, education, and welfare of the minor will not be adversely affected", and the accommodations being made under these circumstances i.e. tutors, meals and rest periods/facilities, parent or chaperone availability. Check the instructions for complete details.
  • WHERE TO SEND THE APPLICATION AND FINAL REPORT: Once completed, fax the application to the Child Labor Section for approval to 1.850.487.4928 or mail to the address provided in the application package. After the production is complete, the Final Report may also be either faxed or mailed.
  • SPECIFIC HOUR LIMITATIONS BY AGE : The Entertainment Rule provides specific hour limitations for children working in the entertainment industry, by age. To learn more about specific hour limitations by age, go to the Application Package below or Specific Hour Limitations by Age.
  • MORE INFORMATION: Learn more about the child labor limitations (use the back button or arrow to return to this page).

For additional information or assistance with the application call 1.800.226.2536.

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