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  9:58:07 AM 10/20/2021
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Special Horse Breeders (HBX)

Authorizes the sale of beer, wine, and liquor by the drink for consumption on the premises only. The license is issued to any marketing association of horse breeders organized under the laws of the state. Applicable only in and for facilities used by the association for public auction of its products.

Application Requirements:
  • DISCLAIMER: Applicants may be required to provide some or all of the following (any additional requirements are listed in the form instructions):
  • FEE: Fees vary based upon county populace. Temporary licenses are of the permanent license fee or $100, whichever is greater. Please see the fee chart.
  • APPLICATION: Complete form DBPRABT-6001 by clicking on "Printable Application" at the bottom of this page (detailed instructions included) or apply using online services. If you already have a copy of the detailed instructions, you may prefer to obtain the form without the instructions in ABT-6001 PDF or ABT-6001 Wordformat.
  • FINGERPRINTS: If applicable, In-State residents should visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement''s web site to get a list of approved Livescan Device Vendors (a link to the provider list is available through the fingerprint FAQs). You must be able to provide the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco''s Originating Agency Identifier Number (ORI#) which is FL920150Z. Out-of-State applicants must contact the division to obtain a fingerprint card. To learn more about fingerprinting, please visit our fingerprint FAQs.

  • RIGHT OF OCCUPANCY: Submit Right of Occupancy, if applicable.
  • SKETCH: Submit sketch of premise.
  • ZONING: Submit Zoning approval, if applicable.
  • HEALTH: Obtain and submit health approval, if applicable.
  • SECRETARY OF STATE: Submit Secretary of State/Certificate of Status, if applicable.
  • DOR: Obtain and submit Department of Revenue clearance.
  • FEIN: Submit Federal Employer''s Identification Number (FEIN), if applicable.
  • CONTRACTS: Submit Contracts or Agreements, if applicable.
  • PARTNER, OFFICER OR STOCKHOLDER: Submit Partner, Officer or Stockholder information, if applicable.
  • SPECIAL LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: Licensee must maintain at all times their standing as a marketing association of horse breeders organized under the laws of Florida.
  • SUBMIT APPLICATION: Submit your application online via the Online Services link below, or alternatively, mail or hand deliver a printable application to one of our district offices.

Apply Using Online Services

Apply Using a Printable Application
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