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  9:40:46 PM 3/29/2020
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Apply for a Change of Ownership of an Existing MFDV License (with or without Plan Review)

Florida law requires owners of new public food service and new owners of existing establishments to obtain a license from the division before operating. The application process described below is for a CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP OF A MOBILE FOOD DISPENSING VEHICLE OTHER THAN A HOT DOG CART.

Application Requirements:
  • ELIGIBILITY: If your operation does not meet the following definition, please return to the previous page to select the correct one.

    Mobile food dispensing vehicles are vehicle-mounted public food service establishments. Some MFDVs are self-propelled and built to travel on public streets. Other MFDVs are not self-propelled but can be moved from place to place. MFDVs may even be watercraft. Vehicles that are required to have vehicle identification numbers (VINs) must submit this number to the division on the application for license. [Rule 61C-1.002(5)(a)2., Florida Administrative Code (FAC)]

    Hot Dog Carts are mobile food dispensing vehicles that limit the preparation of food to frankfurters. [Rule 61C-4.0161(3), FAC] If filing for change of ownership online for a Hot Dog Cart, please return to the previous screen and choose the Hot Dog Cart Change of Ownership process.

    Self-sufficient vehicles are identified as those units that contain, as part of the vehicle, a three-compartment sink for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing equipment and utensils; a separate handwash sink; adequate refrigeration and storage capacity; full provision of power utilities including electrical, LP gas, or a portable power generation unit; a potable water holding tank; and a liquid waste disposal system in accordance with Subparts 5-3 and 5-4 of the Food Code. Self-Sufficient vehicles must have a location where water can be safely procured and where wastewater can be legally disposed of. This location cannot be a private residence. Mobile food dispensing vehicles are not allowed to obtain water from or dispose of wastewater at a private residence, or prepare food; store food products, equipment or utensils; or conduct warewashing or any other activities related to the public food service in a private

  • APPLICATION WITH PLAN REVIEW: If you are applying for your change ownership license with a plan review, please obtain and complete the Application Packet for Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicle License with Plan Review in Microsoft Word or Fill-in PDF (also referenced at the bottom of this page). The application packet includes instructions for making application and the following forms:

    • DBPR HR-7031 Application for Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicle License with Plan Review - Word / Fill-in PDF

  • APPLICATION WITHOUT PLAN REVIEW: If you are exempt from the plan review requirement, or have already completed it, please obtain and complete the Public Food Service Application Packet in Microsoft Word or Fill-in PDF. The application packet includes instructions for making application and the following forms:

    • DBPR HR-7007 Application for Public Food Service Establishment License - Word / Fill-in PDF

  • COMMISSARY NOTIFICATION: A commissary is a commercial establishment which provides required services to the mobile food dispensing vehicle. All vehicles that are not self-sufficient must use a commissary. At a minimum, the commissary provides for acquisition of potable water and the disposal of wastewater. Unless your vehicle is self-sufficient, the division is unable to approve your plans without this form.

  • WATER & WASTEWATER INFORMATION: If your vehicle is not self-sufficient, you must provide water and wastewater information and approval for the commissary where you will get potable water, dump wastewater or prepare food. If the vehicle is self-sufficient, you must provide proof of approved water and sewer service at the location where the unit will use these services. You may submit a copy of your water and/or sewer bill as proof of approval. If your commissary is on a well or septic tank, use the Evaluation of Onsite Sewage (Septic) and Water Supply Capacity form. You may also use this form if you do not have a copy of the water or sewer bill. The local authority must sign this form. The local Department of Health and Department of Environmental Protection handle well and septic tank approvals.

  • LICENSE FEES: Annual license fees are listed on our food service fee website and are based in part on the county your establishment is located and when you wish to open. The division divides the state into 7 licensing districts according to county. Licenses expire each year at the following times:

    • District 1 - October 1
    • District 2 - December 1
    • District 3 - February 1
    • District 4 - April 1
    • District 5 - June 1
    • District 6 - June 1
    • District 7 - December 1

  • If you wish to begin operation within six months or less of your expiration date, a half-year fee applies.

    The division mails renewal reminder notices about 60 days prior to expiration. If you apply online within 60 days of the expiration date the division may not send a reminder. Please be mindful when the license expires so you can renew prior to expiration.

    If you are applying more than six months prior to the expiration date, the full-year fee applies.

    All new and change of ownership applications include a $50 application fee. This fee is in addition to the annual license fee.

  • To assist you in determining the correct fee, the division has provided a license fee calculator.

    The appropriate license fee must be paid to the division before a license will be issued. If plan review is required, the plan must be approved before a license will be issued. Please make checks payable to the Division of Hotels and Restaurants. For assistance in determining the correct license fee, please contact the department at 850.487.1395.

  • PLAN REVIEW: The operator of each public food service establishment to be newly constructed, remodeled, converted or re-opened shall submit properly prepared facility plans and specifications to the division for review and approval in accordance with provisions of law and rule prior to the start of the construction or change. See our plan review webpage for more information. If you are filing for plan review, please include:

    • SCALED DRAWINGS: At least two (2) scaled drawings. A side view of the vehicle is also required. The division will keep one set of plans and return any additional sets to the applicant. You may also submit additional sets required by local authorities. Click here for additional information.

  • OPENING INSPECTION: If your facility has passed a sanitation and safety inspection within 120 days prior to the change of ownership, we do not require an inspection. If not, after meeting all requirements, contact the department at 850.487.1395 to schedule an opening inspection.

  • MORE INFO: For more information about our licensing process and other government requirements, please see our website. Use the Back button or arrow to return to this screen.

If you have questions or need assistance in completing this application, please call the Customer Contact Center at 850-487-1395.

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