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  2:46:10 AM 5/30/2020
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Application Requirements:
  • Required to Timely Report: Appraisal Management Company ¿ Annual Report Form # DBPR FREAB 5 must be used only for submitting the AMC licensee¿s Annual Report. A completed form shall be submitted annually, including years when no fee is to be paid. A registered AMC who does not timely submit an Annual Report and/or the AMC National Registry Fees shall not appear on the AMC National Registry as operating in Florida and shall be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Fees: An AMC must pay $25.00 for each Florida panel member appraiser who has performed an appraisal for a covered transaction in Florida during this reporting period. Pay the required fee as calculated in the Annual Report, which can be paid either by using your Online Services account or by check.

  • Current Business Registration/Discipline: An AMC licensee is required to keep its business registration information current with the Department of State, Division of Corporations. The Florida Appraisal Board must be immediately notified of any changes to the AMC, its officers, or of any discipline against its members.

  • Application: This Application/Annual Report is available in paper format and online. Both options are available at the bottom of the requirement page; select Apply Using Online Services or Apply Using a Printable Application. MORE INFORMATION: Learn more about this profession''s application requirements.

  • The Annual Report and AMC National Registry fee shall be due by November 30 of each calendar year. The Annual Report and fee payment window will be open November 1 through November 30.

If you have questions or need assistance in completing this application, please call the Customer Contact Center at 850.487.1395 or use our convenient contact form.

Apply Using Online Services

Apply Using a Printable Application
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